You Can Now Install Windows Store Apps On Up To 2,000 Devices

But will you? In a move that is sure to please end users, and may upset developers, Microsoft has quietly raised the Windows Store device limit to 2,000. Which basically means unlimited.

This will make life easier for people that use and manage a lot of Windows 10 PCs, phones or Xbox One consoles from one Microsoft account. Previous limit was 81 in Windows 8 and 8.1 devices, which was generous in its own way, before it was reduced to just 10 in the latest version of the operating system.

Now, though, the company is practically doing away with limits altogether, more or less.

As reported, this is what some users are seeing on their accounts:

Now, while 2,000 looks like a ridiculously high number, it certainly will be appreciated by users that downloaded their apps and games from the Windows Store onto multiple devices in use by their friends and family.

It also means that removing devices signed into your account is no longer necessary, and although these users could still create new Microsoft accounts to use with other devices, it was not an optimum workaround.

Apparently, Microsoft has not officially announced this welcome little change yet, so fingers crossed this is not some kind of a bug. Pretty sure it is not, otherwise we would have heard something by now.

Chances are that the software titan is testing this change out now with some users, before rolling it out for everyone globally.

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