You Can Now Play Gargantia: Sky Courier For Internet Explorer

Those of you with interest in Japanese anime television series may be familiar with Gargantia. And now Microsoft has launched Gargantia: Sky Courier for Internet Explorer.

High fidelity games that run on modern browsers are slowly taking off, thanks to native HTML5 and WebGL support. And while most such games do not offer fluid, high frame rates, yet, they still are very much a playable and enjoyable experience.

And since Redmond recently brought along gamepad support on the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, the company has launched a popular game to showcase the technology.

The open source Turbulenz Engine powers this game:

β€œThe Turbulenz Engine uses an entity component system to give high-level access to the parts that make up the game itself – characters, game logic, scripts and so forth. Having this high-level platform makes it easy to write code to manipulate the game, and our in-game editor is also built on top of this layer.”

Microsoft has also published the code on Github, allowing developers the possibility of modifying it as they see fit while they code up their own solutions that run in Internet Explorer.

You can read up on more details here, and take the game for a spin.

Right in Internet Explorer.

  • Mary

    Ignorant in terms of the game, but a smart move. Browsers offering games is important nowadays, and I for one, am glad explorer is trying to do the same!

  • Eddie84

    Great game! I love this move for IE. I am going to test this out soon! Thanks for sharing the awesome news! πŸ™‚