Suppose you can, but the Windows 10 build 16527 that was just released, brings with it slew of new features and improvements to existing ones, including a lot of welcome changes for Microsoft Edge.

The main focus remains on Eye Control, though, a whole new set of accessibility technologies built into the operating system that allow users to control their computers with their eyes.

Microsoft goes over these in detail, including how to set it up, bring out the launchpad, the interaction model for Eye Control, as well as support for mouse and keyboard usage, shape writing and text-to-speech possibilities.

Some really impressive stuff here.

Perhaps not as elaborate, but equally exciting is the refreshed look the default Windows 10 web browser now sports. This is inspired by the Fluent Design System, and Microsoft has completely changed the feel of the browser frame.

Animations, the company says, are now more responsive and delightful, while the use of Acrylic material provides depth and transparency to the tab bar, and other controls.

A few other issues with Edge have also been taken care of, including some that deal with tabs.

Not to be left behind, this build also showcases the improvements to the Windows Console that change up the default color values to not only improve legibility of darker colors on modern screens, but also give the Console a more modern look.

Improvements are also in for the input systems, and the Windows Defender Application Guard is also tightened up with fixes to issue sand improvements to launch times

Solid stuff, all round, with this substantial new build.

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