Surface Pro 3 Pen Sensitivity

You’ll Soon Be Able To Adjust Surface Pro 3 Pen Sensitivity Levels

Artists and designers that have been using Microsoft’s newest tablet have long requested the ability to adjust Surface Pro 3 pen sensitivity levels. And it seems that their prayers have been answered.

Now, this may not be that big of a deal for the average user that uses the tablet to scribble down their notes and all that. But for artists, the ability to tweak the sensitivity of the pen is imperative — it allows them granular control over the renderings, drawings and paintings that they create.

Microsoft is now finally ready to give them this control.

This post talks about an upcoming application that is expected to be here in a couple of weeks, which will allow you to modify the pen. Interestingly enough, this is a Metro (Modern UI) app.

Here you go:

“I was surprised to learn that the control panel will actually be a Windows Store app that will allow you to set the tip’s initial activation force, edit the pen’s pressure curve and map the cap button to either the desktop or Modern flavor of One Note.”

Sounds like music to my ears!

Redmond has made it clear, on several occasions, that it wants its hardware devices to offer the utmost in productivity, and the provision of this critical functionality will provide designers with just what they want from the already impressive Surface Pro 3 slate.

One to keep an eye on, this, when it launches.