Your Email Belongs To You, Not Us, Says Microsoft

All your base are belong to us? Well, something very similar to the timeless meme. Microsoft continues its legal battle against the US government for email privacy.

This time however, the company is saying that all your email belongs to you, not us.

Microsoft repeated this stance in a recent blog post, which follows the ruling earlier this month that ordered the company to hand over customer emails that are stored on a server in Ireland. Redmond says that this will set a bad precedent.

In the words of Brendon Lynch, chief privacy officer at Microsoft:

“So far the courts have sided with the U.S. government, but we are appealing the latest decision. This case could have important implications outside the US. Other governments could demand emails held in datacenters outside their jurisdiction.

In fact, earlier this month the British government passed a law asserting its right to require tech companies to produce emails stored anywhere in the world. This would include emails stored in the U.S. by Americans who have never been to the UK.”

The software titan closes it out by saying that it all comes down to building customer trust — which is cent per cent true. And this means that protecting their emails and personal data should be a critical point for all companies that are in business.

Microsoft still maintains what they told the judge, which is that a United States search warrant should only be valid in the country, and not on overseas datacenters.

However, the court believes that since the information is being managed by an American firm, the location of the datacenter and servers does not matter.

A true deadlock.