Video and multimedia (particularly YouTube) applications were one of the first to land on the Windows Store, and there is an ever-growing number of such apps available on Microsoft’s app repository.

One of the more popular ones is YouTube RT. The highly rated app came with an extremely user-friendly interface backed up by tons of features that help users browse and watch video on the world’s most popular video sharing website. And it has just gone free!

The app was previously available for purchase with a price tag of $2.99.

But for one week, starting April 17, 2013, the application is offered with a freeware license. If you are a Windows 8 or Windows RT user, stop reading and head on to the Store to install this as soon as possible.

The well-designed app saves the default quality setting you choose, and loads up your chosen option whenever you want to watch a new clip. It also provides the ability to easily download videos.

And don’t let the name of the application deter you — even though it is called YouTube RT, the app plays nicely with all Windows 8 builds, including desktop x86 and x64.

Though keeping in mind just how much it is optimized for touch, it makes for a perfect choice for those of you running ARM hardware that is powered by Microsoft’s platform. Particularly now that is free.

You can load up the Windows Store page in your browse by clicking here.

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  • Jason Deveau

    great app =)
    I bought it long ago.