One of the feared fallouts of the Microsoft Nokia deal was how other Windows Phone manufacturers will respond to the acquisition. Considering the fact that the Lumia handsets already make up 90 percent of the overall market, there are clear and present threats.

While companies like Samsung and Huawei have taken a bit of a silent route in confirming their plans, HCT lay to rest rumors and speculation that it was planning to drop Windows Phone in favor of Android.

Since then there has been silence from all parties involved — an awkward bit of silence, if you will.

But if you were thinking Microsoft would be going solo from here on in the Windows Phone game, there is at least one OEM that has officially confirmed its commitment to Redmond’s mobile operating platform. And it is one that had apparently abandoned it some time back.

ZTE hit the ground running with Windows Phone 7 with handsets like the Tania and Orbit, but it was nowhere to be found in the Windows Phone 8 party. Now, however, things are set to change.

The executive vice president of ZTE, He Shiyou, talking to the Financial Times said that the company is committed to the platform and is gearing up to launch new Windows Phone after Redmond completes the Nokia purchase early next year.

In fact, Microsoft executives visited ZTE and offered assurances regarding support for platform partners in the future. He does maintain that there was definitely some hesitance on their part early on, but Microsoft’s clarification about support alleviated these concerns.

All in a good day’s work for the Windows Phone team, then, eh?

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  1. I think more companies need to be making Windows Phone, but I hope ZTE will try to live up to the standard that Nokia has set.

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