Microsoft’s Zune never picked up quite like the iPod did, and while it still exists it is never at the head of its market by any means.

Despite the fact it isn’t as popular as Apple’s MP3 device I still have asserted before that the Zune Marketplace is a great feature for Windows that has many apps, songs, movies, and even rentals.

Such an established program would really do Windows tablets a lot of good if Microsoft optimized a version of Zune’s app for Metro in Windows 8.

This would give Windows tablets an established content consumption program similar to Apple’s and Amazon’s, which have proven key to both of these products’ success.

While Zune never took off that well, I personally owned and enjoyed a Zune MP3 player and found it to be a solid enough product.

I also had an iPod and actually in some ways preferred my Zune. One feature that seemed possibly cutting-edge at the time was the awkwardly named “Squirting” feature in Zune.

While ‘squirting’ was never an official name it was still referenced to when it came to Zune file-sharing which allowed you to wirelessly transmit basic data like songs between Zune devices.

With this feature you could ‘squirt’ tracks to one another as long as you were connected to Wi-Fi and no more than 30 feet apart. I truly think this feature was an interesting concept if it would have been developed and refined better than the end result.

Now it seems that the well-known Microsoft information leaker, Msnerd, has revealed that Microsoft intends to somewhat revive this “Squirt” system for Xbox 360, Windows 8, and Phone 8, though this time its being referred to as “Beaming” (which sounds A LOT better).

According to the tweet from MS_Nerd the new feature utilizes technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to enable direct file transfers between devices across multiple screens such as PC/tablet, Xbox 360, and Phone.

The new technology would be used to share all sorts of files and not just simple music tracks. This would allow data to continuously follow you onto all your favorite devices.
MS_Nerds track record isn’t too bad but information from him should always be taken with a grain of salt.

till, this actually makes a fair amount of sense after all since Microsoft has been trying hard to bring all its platforms together with features like Metro, new apps like Xbox Companion, and other efforts that come off as little too similar to Apple’s common strategies (whether this is a good or bad thing, I’ll leave up to you).

What do you think of the concept idea of beaming? Does this sound like something that Microsoft would legitimately consider doing or do you think the rumor will turn out false?

I have my own opinions and think that there is a strong possibility of a feature like this, but I always like to hear from our viewers as well! Share your thoughts, opinions, and considerations below.

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